I was born in the UK in 1982. My favourite film is The Empire Strikes Back and I spend a silly amount of my time in various Disney Parks. I live in Leeds with my wife, son & dog. I think this tells you everything you need to know but if do you want to see anything that isn't print & design related, then it might be worth looking at my Instagram stories.

I travel occasionally to print shows & craft fairs, I usually talk about these on facebook & instagram. I run my own fairs in the UK with Northern Craft and I also co-host an entertainment podcast called Comment Below.

All prints were designed and hand printed by me in my spare bedroom in Leeds. Screen printing is often a long, messy process and I work hard to make each print as good as I can but each print has it’s own little imperfections and the price of the print reflects this. All prints in my shop have passed the Sean Mort quality test. If you are looking for 100% perfect printing, it’s probably best not to buy my prints.

If you want to contact me about a commission or a wholesale order please email me and I'll get right back to you. I also have a mailing list, if you want to keep up to date then just fill in the boxes below. I will only use your email address to try and get you to buy my prints, I promise I will not sell your information to any Russian data farming centre.

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